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Pallet Jacks are the simplified version of a forklift and are intended to move heavy or light pallets within a warehouse. Streamline your lifting process with the use of lifting equipment such as pallet jacks. The right pallet jack will enable your workforce to move pallets and supplies around your warehouse with ease. 

What is a Pallet Jack?

Simply put, a pallet jack is a manual or motorised vehicle used for moving pallets with greater ease. East Elite offers a range of pallet Jacks such as the standard pallet jacksHeavy Duty pallet jacksBattery Operated pallet jacksRough Terrain Pallet JacksHigh Lifting Pallet JacksScale Equipped Pallet Jacks and lastly Stainless Steel Pallet Jacks. Our Pallet Jack range is available to fit your preference and lifting scope. 

Handling material can be a very tiring process for any workforce. From moving products on and offloading zones, trucks and storing them in a warehouse, a lot of energy is used in the material handling process.

Pallet jacks are one of the most convenient pieces of handling equipment you can have in the warehouse. 

Benefits of Pallet Jacks:

Reduce Injuries

Moving heavy equipment around any space is not something that should be brushed off, as it can cause serious injury if not done correctly. Investing in one of East Elite’s Pallet Jacks will take the weight off your employees. 

The Pallet Jack allows for materials to be handled with ease and thus reducing the injury rate in your workforce.

Lower Cost:

Pallet Jacks can contribute to lowering your overall operating costs around your warehouse. Since they are manual or electric, they waste less energy than comparable petrol-operated equipment.

Increasing Moral:

Having a Pallet Jack in your workspace can increase your employees moral. When workers feel like they are being forced to do work they physically unable to do, they become unhappy thus affecting productivity in the workspace. 

Pallet Jacks are Versatile:

East Elites pallet jacks are available in a variety of different lengths and sizes, which means they are a great fit for many industries. Depending on your needs, you may find that a pallet jack is the best fit for your warehouse or product.

It is very important to supply your employees in the warehouse with top quality pallet jacks as this ensures efficiency as well as safety. Lucky for you, here at East Elite, we pride ourselves in those two things.

Also, if you need a pallet jack to be customized for the pallets you need to lift and move, we’ve got you covered!

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