Drum Handling Equipment is used to handle, lift, transport and to dispense any size or type of drum. This is the perfect solution if drums form part of your warehouse equipment. Designed with safety and efficiency being the main aspects of this machine, the work will get done a lot faster and smoother.

Our range of drum equipment includes drum lifters, drum grabs, drum trolleys, drum decanting trolleys as well as drum clamps. With such an extensive range, you can kit out your warehouse with some of the best materials that will do nothing other than complement your workload and staff.

Quality Drum Handling Equipment from East Elite

When purchasing drum equipment from East elite you are guaranteed quality equipment that has been built to last, we pride ourselves in giving clients the solutions to every drum handling issue they may encounter. Our selection of drum handling equipment includes high-quality drum clamps, drum grabs, drum lifter rotators, drum trolleys, and more.

Contact us today to inquire about our products or if you have any questions; we will assist you in finding the best product suited to your needs.

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