Forklift Attachments

Besides our wide range of warehouse equipment, East Elite offers clients quality forklift attachments; giving your forklift the “extra pair of hands” required to perform more advanced actions such as pushing, pulling, lifting, clamping, rotating, and side-shifting. Forklift attachments are a necessary upgrade to your warehouse and will ultimately simplify and improve your loading, unloading, and transporting process.

Choosing the correct forklift attachments for you

There are many things to consider when purchasing forklift attachments for your forklift such as your industry, the core function it will be used for, and the type of load the machine will be carrying all play a factor in choosing the forklift attachment best suited to your needs. If you are unsure of what to purchase please give us a call or send us an email and one of our skilled, friendly staff will gladly assist you.

Our forklift safety cages or man up cages which are a department of labour compliant and allow the safe lifting of personnel to high heights for packing of stock or maintenance.

Customise your forklift today with East Elite’s range of quality forklift attachments such as the drum grab parrot beak, forklift hook, forklift jib, forklift skip hopper and more built to last and add value to your everyday tasks.

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