5 Ton Pallet Jack

This Heavy Duty Pallet Jack is designed for carrying loads of up to 5 tonnes. The 5 Ton Pallet Jack is ideal for transporting heavy loads in confined spaces such as stores and small warehouses.

Reinforced with extra strength for heavier loads, this pallet jack is reliable and affordable, making moving heavy stock easy. Our lifting equipment represents a cost-effective solution for your transport tasks that involve short distances in your warehouse.


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5 Ton Pallet Jack:

– Extra Strength for heavier loads

– Colour Available: Yellow

– Fork Size: 1200 *680 mm

– Load Capacity: 5 000 kg

– Lowered Height: 88 mm

– Raised Fork Height: 198 mm

– Individual Fork Width: 160 mm

– Solid Bar Pushrods

– Nett Weight: 198 kg