Pallet jack Paper Roller

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Pallet Jack Standard 3000Kg –  safety tips:

  • Never place your feet under a machine.
  • Always push the load, never pull, unless going down an incline.
  • When going down an incline go in reverse.
  • Be wary of pinch points to avoid hand injuries.
  • Always ensure the unit is in good working condition and free of oil leaks.
  • Do not overload the unit.

Pallet jack Paper Roller

Easy Operating Manual Hand Pallet jack Paper Roller


Roller pallet truck (extended type) is equipped with a connecting rod at the end of the fork to prevent the goods from falling when the roller is heavy or the diameter is large and easy to operate. The inside of the triangle fork of the roller pallet truck (extended type) has a circular arc, which effectively protects the surface of the round object from extrusion and deformation.

The main moving parts are equipped with wear-resistant guide rings, which are small Volume hydraulic device, simple operation, easy to use. Strong steel plate manufacturing, exquisite workmanship, powdercoat paint, long internal service life.It is a commonly used handling tool in warehouse workshop, greatly improving work efficiency. It conforms to CE standard.


1. Forks are processed with whole press forming technology and coated with powder painting, torsion and fading-resistant.

2. Excellent whole casting hydraulic pump and welded pump for your choice, robust and durable, with fine control of lowering speed and overload valve. Integrated pump is easy to maintain.

3. The wheel material has Nylon, PU, Rubber, Iron to choose from. The guide wheel is optional to ensure easier operation.

4. Ergonomically designed handle with comfortable rubber grip allows the optimized safety.

Heavy duty and robust construction
Manual push and pull
Hydraulic pump action
Hand and Foot Operated

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