Bins & Pallets

Cleanliness in the workplace is a necessity, no matter what industry. There has to be a place to store not only rubbish but stock, odds and ends or materials. East Elite supplies a range of bins and pallets in various sizes, shapes and colours, built out of durable heavy-duty plastic.

For mobility, we offer a range of wheelie bins in varying sizes and colours, from the serious bulk wheelie bin to the common wheelie bin. Colours come in green, red, black and yellow, and our wheelie bins have replacement wheels readily available from our Parts and Wheels section. We also supply wheelie bins designated for recycled goods, with paper, plastic and glass-only stickers.

Additionally, we offer pallet bins for storage. These pallet bins are stackable up to 8 bins high, making them perfect for any warehouse looking to maximise storage space. They can either come vented or in solid plastic and can hold up to 803 litres. Similarly, for storage, we stock plastic storage bins in varied sizes and colours. Also known as Linbins, they are, too, stackable for practicality.

With our wide range of options, you’re bound to find the waste or storage bin for you.

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