Battery Pallet Jack 1500 kg

Battery Powered Pallet Jacks provide mobility, reliability and performance within the warehouse. This Pallet Jack is used for low-level lifting and moving of pallets. The compact design makes this lifting equipment extremely manoeuvrable with increased cornering stability due to integrated support wheels.

Our lifting equipment represents a cost-effective solution for your transport tasks that involve short distances in your warehouse.

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Battery Pallet Jack 1500 kg:

– Model: EPT20-15ET
– Drive Unit: Battery
– General Operator Type: Walk Behind
– Load Capacity: 1500 kg
– Lift Height: 200mm
– Fork Height Lowered: 85mm
– Travel Speed, Load/ No Load: 3-5 / 4 km/h
– Lifting Speed, Load/ No Load: 0.051 / 0.060 m/s
– Aisle width, 1000 x 1200 Pallet Crossways: 1779 mm
– Aisle width, 800 x 1200 Pallet Length Ways: 1929 mm
– Battery Voltage: 24 v
– Batteries and charger included