Pallet Stacker & Lifter Suppliers South Africa

Pallet Stackers and Lifters are lifting machines that are used for lifting pallets to new heights.

In most cases, they are used to transport pallets in cases where a forklift is not necessary such as managing your warehouse equipment. With that being said, they operate best indoors as their small wheels are not designed for rough terrains.

Our warehouse stackers are ergonomically designed to maximise productivity within the workspace. East Elites range of Pallet Stackers and Lifters deliver high performance, driver comfort and low maintenance costs for the most demanding warehouse applications. East Elite offers Stackers that range from Fully Electric Stackers, Semi-Electric Stackers, Manual Stackers and Wide Straddle Manual Stackers.

Electric Pallet Stackers are suitable for transporting goods over long distances or restricted spaces. This takes the strain off your workforce and streamlines your businesses lifting operations.

Manual Pallet Stackers offer manoeuvrability and low operating costs for your business. These type of stackers are the perfect solution for basic racking and lifting. The Manual Stacker fitted with a wide Straddle offers superior performance coupled with counterbalance racks. The perfect stacker for demanding operations!

Benefits of Pallet Stackers & Lifters


The Pallet Stacker doesn’t require more space when it comes to storage. If we compare a stacker and a forklift, the forklift takes much more space because of its battery and the fuel used.

Stackers are compact and are the best fitting for small warehouses, where transporting small amounts of weights are involved.


When it comes to versatility, Stackers are incredible when it comes to placing loads on above the ground locations. This adds more floor space to work with within your warehouse


For a small space operation and lifting of lightweight materials, a Stacker is a lifting machine that can be the money-making timely help. The stacker is one of the more affordable machines to be added to your warehouse lifting fleet.

A Pallet Stacker can be a value-added asset for your workforce and your warehouse. Browse our selection of pallet stackers and lifters below

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