Trolley Manufacturers in South Africa

When it comes to getting a sizable load of items from A to B, trolleys are your best friend. East Elite is a proud supplier of trolleys with an extensive range offered to satisfy varied workspaces and applications.
We stock and repair different types of shopping trolleys, including the Double Basket Trolley, Shopping Trolley, Basket Stands, the Merchandising Trolley, and Bread Trolleys.
For other industries, we stock library trolleys for ferrying or storing books, as well as order picker trolleys for catering or picking a stock. In warehouses, utility trolleys are used for storage, with the option of an additional lid to keep goods secure.
Additional warehouse trolleys available at East Elite are mammoth trolleys, platform trolleys, and dolly trolleys. The beer trolleys, folding nose trolleys, mineral case trolleys, and the useful stair-climbing trolley are great for use in delivery vans. A great option for outside, rough terrain is the turntable trolley, with its thick durable wheels and easy turning.
Whatever the application, we’ve got the right trolley for you.

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