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An organised workspace is an efficient one, and you can only stand to benefit from using the space you use for your business, warehouse, or shop floor to the best of your ability. That means optimizing your storage and organizing your tools and materials. Whether it’s for home use or for business/industrial, our storage bins (or linbins), allow you to maximize your free space and easily store items by category. This also makes storing loose parts and materials easier in your work space.

Our storage bins come in a range of sizes and colours to meet your storage requirements, and can be stacked to best utilize your space. Linbins are made from high strength plastic, and are designed with reinforced ribs to facilitate stacking without the risk of warping or damage to the container. This also guarantees stability, an essential for linbin stacking. Varying sizes of linbin also allows for storing a range of materials and tools, from small loose materials like screws and bolts to larger inventory materials.

For best sustainable practice, our storage bins are made from highly durable, recycled plastics wherever possible thanks to the efforts of our manufacturers.

Storage Bins:

-Also known as Linbins

-Stackable Design

-Reinforced ribbing for stability and strength

-Robust design

-Highly durable, high-strength plastic materials

-Available in a range of sizes and colours for categorization and easy sorting

-Colours: Blue, Black, Red

-Sizes: 0.5 litres, 1.5 litres, 7 litres, 14 litres

For more information on our range of storage bins and other storage options, feel free to inquire with us. Our consultants will quickly get back to you.


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Parts Storage Bin

Impact and Acid Resistant Plastic

Plastic Polypropylene co-polymers

– (Also known as Linbins)

Storage Bins – Include available sizes 

Size 2 Bin  (135 x 105 x 75mm) 

Size 3 Bin (190 x 105 x 75mm)

Size 4 Bin (210 x 140 x 130mm)  

Size 5 Bin Black (280 x 140 x 130mm) 

Size 6 Bin (280 x 210 x 180mm) 

Size 7 Bin (375 x 210 x 180mm) 

Size 8 Bin (375 x 420 x 180mm) 

Available in – Black – Blue – Green – Red – Gray -Yellow and Clear 

– Inquire for more details on our extensive range

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