Pallet Collapsible Bin

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A black plastic Pallet Collapsible Bin is basically made up of a Base and 4 side walls. Perfect for your warehouse.

Pallet Collapsible Bin

Side walls have also been tested up to 1500kg

Tested the bin up to 3000kg

Including a stacking test with each bin having 3000kg each at 3 bins high

Lid on request

Size Options

High side solid side wall  1140 W 1220 L  865 H mm

High Solid wall           1140 W 1220 L 635 H mm

Two drop door            1140 W 1220 L 865 H mm

No drop door               1140 W 1220 L 1042 H mm

No drop door               1140 W 1220 L 1220 H mm

No drop door                1140 W 1220 L 1398 H mm


Additional information

Dimensions 1220 × 1140 × 865 cm

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