Stainless Steel Pallet Jack

Manufactured from stainless steel, the stainless steel pallet jack is engineered for reliability and durability in tough working conditions. This pallet jack is suitable for environments where hygienic conditions are a priority or where the lifting equipment is exposed to factors such as salt and various chemicals.

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Stainless Steel Pallet Jack:

– Suitable for environments where stringent hygienic conditions must be met or where the unit will come into contact with corrosive substances such as salt water, acids and various chemicals

– Non-Corrosive: 304 Stainless steel

– Fork Size: 1200 * 680 mm or 1100 * 520 mm

– Capacity: 2000 kg

– Construction: 304 Stainless steel

– Fork Height Lowered: 85 mm

– Fork Height Raised: 185 mm

– Individual Fork Width: 160 mm