Forklift Safety Cage

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Forklift Safety Cage Department of labour compliant and ISO9001:2008 certified Compliance certificate included unit self-weight: 110 kg Platform Size 1 000mm x 1 200 mm Fork pocket size: 160* 60 mm Zinc plated finish Supplied with 2 harness anchor rings

The forklift safety cage is designed for any standard forklift or pallet loader. The pallet fork sleeves on the bottom of the platform run the entire 43″ length of the cage and lock in place with pins for maximum security and stability. This forklift attachment includes a spring-loaded, inward closing door which prevents accidental opening while the cage is in use ensuring safety within your workspace. 

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Forklift Safety Cage:

The forklift Safety Cage is Department of Labour compliant and ISO9001:2008.

Certified Compliance certificate included with new units.

The unit has a Zinc plated finish and is supplied with 2 harness anchor rings.

Self-weight: 110 kg.

Platform Size: 1 000mm x 1 200 mm.

Fork pocket size: 160* 60 mm.

Collapsible for easy storage.

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Safety benefits of forklift cages

Forklift safety cages or working platforms offer an easy and safe way to perform awkward high-access tasks using a standard forklift. Forklifts are generally used only for lifting materials but when the right accessories and attachments your forklift will transform into a secure access platform.

The access platforms minimize the risk of an accident by preventing falls while allowing workers safe and easy access for height work.

Working Platforms are a requirement by the Department of Labor for all height work.

Don’t take risks with your worker’s safety, rather use a forklift cage when working at heights.

Improve safety and efficiency onsite with forklift safety cages.

Protect your workers from unnecessary risk or injury on duty, increase materials handling efficiencies and improve worksite safety for all your staff. Safety cages come complete with a unique serial number and a standard compliance plate.

Choosing the right equipment and using it correctly, can prevent accidents and enable your staff to work safely at heights.

Working platforms offer a safe working load of 350kg. Thus, forklift safety cages easily carry two people as well as their equipment. You can use a working platform to pack, take stock, maintain and organize your warehouse.

Elevate occupants safely to complete work or repairs at high levels.

Using forklift cages can even save you money, by preventing costly accident litigation and limiting employee downtime caused by injuries.



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Weight 110 kg
Dimensions 1000 × 1200 cm

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