Single Person Lift Platform

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Single Mast Aluminium Lift Platform

High-strength aluminum alloy mast design, compact structure, light body design, the base of the body is equipped with movable auxiliary wheels, providing good performance of turning, suitable for various industrial and commercial purposes, such as building installation, factory repair, maintenance, property management, Exhibition construction, hotel equipment maintenance, cleaning, advertising installation and hanging, etc.

● The mast is constructed of high-strength aluminum alloy material, which is durable;

● With a unique caster system, it can flexibly pass around corners, narrow areas and working areas with many obstacles;

● There is a manual valve to ensure that the elevator can descend normally in the event of a power failure.


Model GT

Motor 1.6 Kw
Platform height(mm) 8000
Working height(mm) 10000
Load capacity(kg) 125
Platform size(mm) 630×640
Power voltage(V) DC12V/AC220V
Motor power (Kw) 0.75
Overall size(mm) 1300x800x1980mm
Up/Down speed(M/s) 44/38
Self weight AC/DC(kg) 450/485

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