Fully Electric Stacker

The Fully Electric Stacker offers the perfect addition to your transporting team. This lifting machine is ideal for transporting pallets through the warehouse quickly and safely. This type of pallet stacker is ergonomically designed to maximise productivity and efficiency in the workspace.

Fitted with the Curtis drive control, the fully electric stacker is the perfect solution to all your lifting needs.

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Fully Electric Stacker:

– Walk behind, Electric Lift
– Drive Unit: Battery
– Load Capacity: 1000 kg
– Maximum Lift Height: 3300 mm
– Fork Height Lowered: 50 mm
– Overall Height (Mast lowered): 2053mm
– Overall Length: 1650 mm
– Overall Width: 1435 mm
– Straddle leg inside width: 1370mm
– Fork Dimensions: 700*1070mm
– Outer turning Radius: 1404 mm
– Recommended Aisle width: 2255mm
– Travel Speed, Load/ No Load: 3.5/4 km/h
– Lifting Speed, Load/ No Load: 0.12/0.22 m/s
– Maximum Grade ability: 3 / 10
– Battery Voltage / Rated Capacity: 2X12v
– DC Curtis Drive Control
– Battery and charger included