Zapi AC-O Inverter

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Original 24V 200A ZAPI AC-0 Motor Controller for Lift star – Heli – EP Electric Pallet Truck Stacker and Pallet Jack

Download ZAPI AC-0 manual

The AC0 inverter has been developed for applications such as trans pallet trucks, stacker.
trucks and cleaning machines with traction motors up to 1.2KW (V batt=24V) and 1.8KW
(V batt=36V). This model is available in the standard format, using an encoder, but it’s also.
thought (work in progress) for sensor less control (no shaft encoder is required). The AC0
can directly replace an AC1 inverter having exactly the same I/O connections and param￾eter settings. The only differences are the maximum current (150A vs. 250A), the dimen￾sions, and the input CNA #13 which is reserved for an analogue motor sensor.

Inverter for AC asynchronous 3-phase motors
Regenerative braking
Can-bus interface
Digital control using a microcontroller.

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