Curtis AC Controller 1230-2402

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The Curtis AC Controller 1230-2402 Speed Controller Manual before making the purchase.  Programable with the handheld programmer. Detailed information should be considered: encoder, EM brake, emergency reverse, motor & battery.


Designed for use in a variety of material handling vehicles. Applications for this controller include walk or ride-on pallet trucks, stackers, low lifts, sweepers, scrubber machines aswell other industrial vehicles. This high performance programmable controller is simple to install, efficient and smart.

When used with hydraulic systems, the 1230 can turn the pump motor on and off which also controlls valves on the hydraulic line. Thus controlling the hydraulic lift and lowering operations.The programmer provides diagnostic and test capability in addition to configuration flexibility.

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Model No 1230-2402

A.C. Motor Controller




Features Include: 

60–200 amp AC induction motor controller

MultiMode™ feature allows two distinct user-selectable operation modes

Complete diagnostics through the programming devices
and through the controller’s Built-in Status LED

Programmabily through the Curtis programming divices

Throttle input for single-ended or wigwag 5kΩ pots or 0–5V throttles (both standard full stroke and restricted range)

Meets EEC fault detection requirements

Stall protection

Continuous diagnostics are available during operation, with microprocessor power-on self-test

3-wire serial interface for multifunction display

     Also can be used as the replacement of other 1230 controllers of lower current rates such as:

  • 24V / 60A: 1230-2002 (one hour rating for 30A)
  • 24V / 90A: 1230-2102 (one hour rating for 40A)
  • 24V / 120A: 1230-2202 (one hour rating for 50A)

Additional information

Weight 1.45 kg
Dimensions 190 × 155 × 70 cm

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