AC Motor Controller 1232E-2321

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Curtis AC Motor Controller:

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AC Motor Controller 1232E-2321

The speed controller provides precise and smooth control of permanent magnet.
drive motors for battery powered vehicles. The designed for use in pallet truck applications.
The controller is fully programmable by means of a Curtis programming device. Use of the
programmer offers diagnostic and test capability as well as configuration flexibility.

Smooth and Secure Control
• Advanced speed regulation maintains precise speed over varied terrain, obstacles, curbs, and ramps.
• Linear cutback of current ensures smooth control, with no sudden loss of power during
undervoltage or overtemperature.
Speed limit potentiometer provides direct and linear control of the maximum vehicle speed.
• Proprietary algorithms help prevent gearbox wear while providing smooth starts and reversals.
• The vehicle is brought to a complete stop before the electromagnetic brake is applied, ensuring
safe and secure stops under all conditions.

• Charger inhibits input prevents driving while charger is attached.
• Key Off Decell function ensures a smooth “brake to stop” when the key is turned off while
driving or when a fault occurs that requires the vehicle to stop.
Including Anti-Rollback/Roll-forward function provides smooth and safe vehicle control on hills and ramps.
• Internal main relay provides secure power-off.
• Boost current gives a brief boost of current greatly improving transient loads such as starting
on a hill, crossing thresholds, etc.

Easy Installation and Setup
• Industry standard footprint, mounting centers, and wiring allows drop-in replacement of
other controllers.

Working on electric vehicles is potentially dangerous. You should protect yourself against
runaways and high current arcs:
RUNAWAYS — Some conditions could cause the vehicle to run out of control. Disconnect the
motor or jack up the vehicle and get the drive wheels off the ground before attempting any.
work on the motor control circuitry.
HIGH CURRENT ARCS — Always open the battery circuit before working on the motor control.
circuit. Wear safety glasses and use properly insulated tools to prevent shorts.


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