Emergency Stop Switch ED 100 Amp

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– 100 Amps
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– 100 Amps
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Info on E Stop Switchs

Emergency Stop Switch or isolator cuts power / isolate power from the battery to product. It allows a complete shutdown of the machine or system.

The switch is a fail-safe for both the machinery and for the person using the machinery. The emergency stop switch is also refered to as a kill switch, dead man’s switch, E-stop oremergency off .

In an urgent situation, the push button can be pushed by a bysander or operator to stop the machinery quickly. Thus protecting the the operater or bystander from injury and preventing damage to the unit or its surroundings. This is especially helpful when the usual shut down mechanism is faulty and fails.

The stop switch is a safety requirement for all electric lifting equipment and should be tested regularly.

The switch is very easy to install and operate.

They are used in many industrial applications and in many different sectors and organizations.

We ensure that all our new electric stackers and battery pallet jacks are fitted with these switches prior to sale and delivery.

When the “up” button is pushed the machine will lift freely. However if the kill switch is pressed down, the lifting will immediately come to a stop and the machine will only continue to lift once the switch is released again. (A complete power cut, isolating the power supply to the machine) This is definately a very strategic and very handy safety function on any machinery you have.

Any device which can protect damage to expensive machinery or prevent injury or death is invaluable and indespensible, in every industry and organisation.

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