50Amp 600V Battery connector 

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50Amp 600V Battery connector

Andeson Style battery connectors

Connectors Assembly
Installation of contacts and connector by a qualified electrician in accordance with national and local electrical codes and the following instruction only. Crimp contact to the cables according to the equipment manufacture’s assembly instructions. The following instructions serve as a reference.
Assembly 1. Strip wire a) Select correct dimension from table 1 b) Do not cut into cable strands 2. Crimp the contact to cable a) Select contact from table 1. If reducing bushings are used, refer to reduced current rating according to table 1. b) Use recommended tools only c) Attention: Ensure contact plane remains unchanged after crimping otherwise misalignment will occur, resulting in possible contact overheating d) If contacts are soldered. Do not dip contacts in a solder pot. The use of multicore solder is recommended. Take care to avoid flux/solder creeping behind the cable insulation due to capillary action. 3. Insert the wired contact into the rear of the hosing according to picture 1 a) Make sure that the smooth contour of the contact is upwards so that the contact underside moves over the housing spring (picture 3) and is retained with an audible click. b) To check engagement, pull gently on the cable to make sure contact is correctly locked over the housing spring
1. Switch off power. 2. Remove contact by pressing the spring at the front of the connector with a small, insulated screwdriver. Simultaneous while pressing the spring, pull gently on the cable to remove the contact from the housing.
SAFETY NOTE Lay the cables free of tension in torsional and/ or tensile forces in the cable using the cable clamp is recommended.

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