Mobile Scissor Cargo Lift Table

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Mobile Scissor Cargo Lift Table

Electric Lifting Table

Hydraulic scissor lift tables utilize one to four hydraulic cylinders to raise and lower the table’s platform. These cylinders have a specialized down valve that releases the fluid when the lift platform is lowered. These lift tables are designed with the specific needs of industrial users in mind.

The lowering action of a hydraulic Scissor lift table is controlled by a motor. The motor forces the scissor legs apart, raising and lowering the table. When a power failure occurs, the lowering mechanism automatically shuts off. A hydraulic lift table can be either electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic.

These lift tables are perfect for mobile workstations. They are ergonomically designed to reduce bending and lifting and allow workers to work in a more comfortable, efficient manner. In addition to being ergonomic, these lift tables feature two swivel casters with brakes for easy.

24v battery packs

charger 220v standard plug

rate lifting height 12m

Capaity 500 Kg

Max Platform height 1200mm

Platform size 2350×1350

self weight 2300


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