Steering Machine Skates 12 TON

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Steering Machine Skates 12 TON


Industry transport cargo trolley heavy duty machine mover.

Rotated 360 degrees, which is convenient to adjust the direction.
Tie rods are welded with hardened bearings.
Thickened base, strong bearing capacity, thickened compression and wear resistance.
Wheels are shock-absorbing and wear-resistant.
PU wheels

Product Description
Cargo trolley – moving skates are also machinery mover skates. heavy load moving skate.

All its components are combined perfectly for transporting heavy cargo.
Industrial machine skate are highest reliability, durability and safety standard. Front comes with thrust bearing supported turntable allowing freely steering without needing to stop and reposition to turn. Pull by hand or attach to forklift for towing. Rolls heavy loads easily from point A to point B with less effort.

Seamless welding – thick steel plate

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