Bin Lifter

Wheelie bins are by no means lightweight, especially in industrial units where they’re likely loaded full of waste and garbage from the factory and storage floor. With how much waste one can go through, you don’t want your employees constantly struggling to tip the contents of your wheelie bins in the main dumpsters outside.

This is where a wheelie bin lifter comes in. As the name suggests, it’s a lift machine used to lift wheelie bins and empty them out without needing multiple participants to hold and shake out the bin. As part of East Elite’s pallet stackers and lifters range, this piece of lifting equipment is operated with a manual gear winch, requiring only one person to operate it.

The wheelie bin is attached and held in place by clamps before it’s lifted and tipped at a 50-degree angle to discharge the waste into the skip. Brakes on the lifters wheels stop slippage, keeping it in place. The bin can be stopped and held in place automatically at any stage in the discharge process. This state of the art lifting equipment also comes with a feed chute, which prevents spillage of waste as the bins are tipped. This maximises efficiency and waste management.

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Wheelie Bin Lifter:

– Manual Gear Winch Drive
– Locks on skip container sides