Hydraulic Power Packs

At East Elite we are proud to stock an extensive array of parts and wheels to best keep your industrial units operating at full capacity, and that includes the hydraulic power pack, a necessity for your engines, forklifts, stackers and lift tables. When any of these machines fail it’s a knock to your productivity, so we’re all about minimizing downtime.

In laymen’s terms, a hydraulic power pack is an entirely self-contained unit made up a motor, a fluid-filled reservoir, and a hydraulic pump. By pushing the fluids from one end of the reservoir to the other, your pack generates vasts amounts of power that is then transferred to your hydraulic machinery, such as motors and lifts, to power them. This makes hydraulic power units, as they are otherwise known, a staple in factories and other industrial units, where you’re frequently going to find hydraulic equipment.

You can find the 12v hydraulic power pack for your machinery and equipment right here at East Elite. They can either come as fully assembled systems, or as modular components that allow you to mix and match parts. Enquire with us to find the various options of hydraulic power units available to you

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Hydraulic Power Packs:

– Voltage: 12v

– Amps: 200

– Kw: 1.6

– RPM: 2600

– Tank Size: 7 litre

– 24v units also available

– Various options available

– Enquire with us for more details


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